Working dogs   

                                The pictures speak for them selfs. Las fotos hablan por si mismas.

   Los perros no sólo trabajan ayudando a la gente, sino que se sienten satisfechos siendo "usados."

   The dogs not only working helping people, but they are satisfied been "used" .

Service dogs (Labrador)

Therapy Dogs (Gordon Setter)

Assistance dog (Labrador)

Water search (Springer Spaniel)

Dog therapy (Gordon Setter)

Human remain search (springer Spaniel)

Remember your pils

Animal assisted therapy (Gordon Setter)

English Springer Spaniel.


Water search & rescue dogs  (Gordon Setter)

Explosives search (English Springer Spaniel)

Helicopter help (Labrador)

Assistance dog (Labrador)

At the Airport ( Eng. Springer Spaniel) 

Canine cancer detection /medical detection dogs (Labrador)

Fireplace assistance dogs (Springer Spaniels & Labradors)

Search after victims. (Labradors)

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Bomb sniffing dogs (Springer Spaniel)

Bomb searching (Labrador)

Alert dogs (fx. diabetes, epilepsy, narcolepsy,etc.) Gordon Setter.

Search & Rescue (Springer Spaniel)

Search and rescue (Labrador)

Playing after work. The best reward.

Baby sitting (Gordon Setter)

Water search and rescue (Springer Spaniel)

Guide dogs (Labradors)

Drug search (Labradors)

Dog assisted therapy  (Gordon Setter)